Convenience Store in Fallon, NV

Grand Slam Market has proudly provided beer, tobacco, alcohol, grocery items, and snacks to customers throughout the Fallon, NV area since 1987. Whether you need quick items on the go or need to replenish household items, you’ll find everything you need at our grocery store! We also offer take and bake meals, so you can eat healthfully even when you don’t have time to cook! Stop in and visit the best in local convenient stores today.

Convenient Stores
We’re a locally-owned business that takes pride in offering our local customers the utmost in convenience.
Grocery Store
Grand Slam Market sponsors local little league softball team. On tournament weekends, our grocery store offers many types of stadium favorites such as: Big League Chew Bubble Gum™, Gatorade™, ice cream, burritos, sandwiches, a variety of sunflower seeds and a local favorite of icy Frazil™ drinks!
Liquor Store
Our convenience store has been around for more than 40 years and is a destination for area residents looking for exceptional service.
Liquor Store
We’re your destination liquor store for tobacco products, beer and liquor, and are licensed to see all of these products.
Convenience Store
Check out our take and bake meals! They’re freshly prepared and nutritious, giving you a smart solution for dinner.
Grocery Store
Our employees are ServSafe® certified to handle food.

A Local Destination for Convenience

Liquor StoreNo matter how hectic your lifestyle or what you need to pick up, there’s no beating the easiness of visiting a convenience store and supermarket in Fallon, NV. And, for area customers, the destination of choice is Grand Slam Market. Not only do we offer you all of the products of traditional convenient stores, we go above and beyond to bring you more. From hot and cold drinks, to ready-made meals, to an in-store slot machine and more, we’re a destination grocery and liquor store for true convenience. Whether you’re doing some minor shopping or just popping in for something quick, we welcome you!

Not everyone has time to cook a full dinner or visit the grocery store in Fallon, Stillwater, Fallon Station, Churchill County, or Fernley, NV for a full shopping trip. Grand Slam Market gives you the opportunity to get what you need all the same. If you’re looking for something in particular, we’ll help you find it. Or, if you’ve just come to browse, we can clue you in on the deals, new products or specials going on at the moment. We encourage you to make us a part of your everyday life—we promise you’ll look forward to visiting our convenience store each and every day. Whether it’s to pick up a pack of smokes or to grab a freshly-made take and bake meal, we’ll make sure you leave with exactly what you came for.

Experience Convenience

Stop in today and get everything you’re looking for! Our corner store has got beer, cigarettes, snacks, household items and take and bake meals, ready and waiting for you.
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